21.3-inch large touch screen display
anti-glare, full size, high sensitivity
simplified control panel
built-in fingerprint sensor, and smooth trackball
tri-joint arm for omni-adjustment
meet the special placement requirements of the tee probe
with one knob to lock up all three joints
industry largest full touch screen display
support liquid disinfection
multi-touch operation
minimal panel for clinical customization
high sensitivity waterproof trackball
multi-function joystick
4transducer connectors
easy to plug in and out
expand your application
electric height lift with one button
20cm range
durable and quiet motor
whole-day battery backup
extremely long battery life
independent time display screen
ai intelligent nerve recognition
real-time recognition
cloud solution
support multiple nerves
wishow—teaching recording
support usb live camera.
simultaneously record scanning gesture,
ultrasound images and voice .
on-site projector teaching for
long time recording.
wiguide-magnetic needle tracking technology
support in-plane and out-of-plane puncture
real-time positioning
real-time spatial 3d graphical guidelines
wineedle – intelligent
needle enhancement technology
automatic beam steering
intelligent needle tip and shaft detection
wilearn – education center
comprehensive teaching content
detailed operation steps
online learning, anatomy, ultrasound graphics
labat probe family
full-range probes for versatile applications
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product pictures
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